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The Importance of Nutrition in Healing Eczema  

Part 2: Gut Permeability and Chronic Inflammation  By Carrie Rutledge, Nutrition Therapist Master    Gut Permeability and The Immune Response   Hippocrates once said that “All disease begins in the gut”. Studies are increasingly showing that eczema  and gut health are linked and when there is an imbalance of gut or skin flora, we now […]

Gut Harmony: Setting a Foundation Toward Holistic Health

When we talk about the gut, we often hear about a variety of diet advice and maintaining a healthy weight. The truth is, your gut has a deeper story. There’s more to it than just digestion. It’s intricately linked to our brains, commonly known as the gut-brain connection. Your gut health influences your emotions and […]

The Importance of Nutrition in Healing Eczema  

Part 1: Lowering Inflammation By Carrie Rutledge, Nutrition Therapist Master    The “Why?” Behind this Series I am the proud mother of a healthy five-year old girl who began struggling with Atopic Dermatitis, or Eczema, at 3 years of age. I approached this chronic inflammatory disease by exploring the root cause, instead of with topical […]

Parasites Part 1: All About These Creepy Crawlers and the Havoc They Can Wreak 

By Mariela Amiri, Traditional Naturopath & Patient Coordinator   Nobody likes to think about worms, amoebas, and other creepy crawlers living inside our bodies! But unfortunately, this is a very real and common health concern. In fact, parasitic infections are quite common in the United States, affecting millions of Americans through new or chronic infections. […]

 Nurturing the Soul: A Journey to Healing Emotional Traumas

By Janelle Bertler, Traditional Naturopathic Practitioner    In our healing journeys, the ghost of emotional trauma often plays a significant role. The adage, “No one gets out of childhood without traumas,” resonates profoundly as a universal truth. Trauma, however, is not solely confined to the grand, dramatic events that come to mind. While abuse, betrayal, […]

Electromagnetic Field Sources & Its Effects On Our Health 

By Mariela Amiri, Traditional Naturopath & Patient Coordinator   What are EMFs? Electromagnetic Fields or EMFs are invisible fields created by the charges and currents of electrical entities. Much like gravity, these fields are invisible to the naked eye, yet have a great negative impact on our bodies. Natural EMFs are present everywhere in the […]

The Necessity of Essential Fatty Acids to Our Health and Longevity 

By Carrie Rutledge, Longevity Patient Coordinator  Who are the largest consumers of saturated fat in the world? It may surprise you to know that Spain, France, and most European countries are some of the biggest consumers of dietary saturated fats[1]; yet are leading in health outcomes.  In reference to the 2019 global report on healthiest […]

Grocery Store Swaps: Building A Healthy Lunchbox

By Carrie Rutledge, Longevity Patient Coordinator      I try to pack a healthy school lunchbox for my daughter every day to help fuel her for a full day of learning. The options at the grocery store can be overwhelming, but my main focus is on avoiding toxic ingredients, especially hydrogenated oils. These include seed […]