Biological Sample Analysis (BSA)

For further questions regarding the BSA testing or to receive the necessary paperwork to send in a bio-sample, please call our office and ask for the New Patient Advisor – Melina Smith. 770-642-4646

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Longevity Health Center offers remote Bio-Energetic testing through Bio-Sample Analysis (BSA). This is a convenient option for our clients who don’t live close to our clinic, or have some other circumstance that prevents them from coming in for regular in-person evaluations. With this service, our skilled practitioners can perform a Bio-Energetic Evaluation using a DNA sample, most commonly, the patient’s hair. Your DNA sample holds the same energetic signature as your body so when the sample is integrated into the circuit with the testing modality the computer is able to run a complete assessment, just as if you were here in person.

What Does the BSA Testing Reveal?

Through bio-energetic testing (bio-sample analysis), our qualified practitioners identify the underlying toxic burdens that are creating cellular dysfunction and systemic inflammation. Toxins include both microbial (viral, bacterial, parasitic) and environmental toxins (chemical, toxic metals, mold). Other health factors routinely assessed include: organ system function, endocrine imbalance, nutrient deficiency and food sensitivity. 

By identifying the major underlying causes of the dysfunction and inflammation the practitioner can mitigate the cause of most health concerns and not merely offer palliative relief. From the information gathered through the bio-energetic testing the practitioner will create a custom protocol utilizing homeopathic, herbal and nutritional supplements. Finally, the remedies selected can be checked for compatibility with the patient.Treatment progresses very quickly with this information.

Customized Care from the Comfort of Home 

We’ve made this BSA process simple and convenient! We provide you with all the necessary paperwork and instructions, and you mail in your sample. Once the evaluation is complete, a Patient Coordinator will email you the results and walk you through all the findings and recommendations over the phone. We then ship you any homeopathic, herbal, or nutritional supplements recommended by your practitioner so you can implement your new detoxification and healing protocol. 

The client comes away with an action plan specific to their unique needs, without leaving home! Here at Longevity we have been able to care for hundreds of patients around the country using this remote testing method. 

Remote Sick Visits and/or Curbside Care 

BSA is also a convenient option for those who live in the area, but are feeling too ill or have another circumstance that prevents them from coming to an in-person visit. You can mail in your sample, or you can even drive over your sample and wait in the car while the practitioner performs the assessment. The patient coordinator will deliver your products and instructions right to your car! Our team will make the whole process as quick and seamless as possible for you. 

Pricing : 

Initial BSA evaluation, result report and protocol information – $225

Subsequent testing – $185