Our Founding Story 

Our practice was founded in 1978 by Dr. Seneca Anderson, and his wife, Kay. When they first started out, the couple had no idea that their vision for a natural health care center in Georgia would flourish to the extent that it has. 

At that time, there was only one Naturopath in practice in the entire Atlanta area. Only an ambiguous statutory definition of Naturopathy existed in the Georgia code, and there was no licensing available for acupuncturists in the state. In fact, both of these healing modalities were unheard of by most people at that time. 



When our Center first launched, we offered acupuncture, nutritional consultation, massage therapy, and various classes on natural healing and cooking. The Andersons, along with many like-minded patients, fought for acupuncture and naturopathy legislation, and over the years the laws have been put in place that allows for both to practice in Georgia. So much headway has been made in our state and across the country over the last few decades, thanks to the Andersons and their pioneering spirit. Today the future of natural healing looks bright! 

After 45 successful years, Dr. Anderson and Kay retired from full-time practice in 2023 and proudly passed the torch into the capable hands of their daughters. Dr. Alice Honican and Melina Smith. 

Dr. Alice Honican has been a practitioner at Longevity since 2005. She is a Doctor of Naturopathy, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Bioenergetic Practitioner. In addition to her qualifications and decades of experience, her excellent listening skills and compassion for others make her even more equipped to lead the practice and fulfill her calling. 

Melina Smith has served as Longevity’s Director of Operations of the practice for more than 35 years. Though often working behind the scenes, she is a vital leader in the day-to-day aspects of running the Center. She is an excellent resource for those with questions regarding what to expect at office visits, individual health programs or about Longevity’s many services. Longevity simply could not function without her!

Today the Longevity staff is made up of a team of knowledgeable, skilled, and caring naturopathic practitioners, therapists, and administrative support members. Our comprehensive services utilize the latest equipment and result-oriented techniques to assist you in achieving optimal health. We now offer several supporting therapies to assist in the detoxification and healing process and help our patients feel vibrant in mind, body, and spirit. 

To all our patients, whether you are brand new to our practice or have been coming to see us for decades, thank you! It means so much to our Longevity family that you trust us with your health, as well as the health of your loved ones. The Longevity mission to Love God and Serve People will be carried out for generations to come!