Light Therapy

What is the “Beam Ray” Light and Sound Generator?

This equipment is based on the work of Dr. Royal R. Rife, who had a 100% cure rate with cancer and other infectious diseases in the 1930s. The Beam Ray equipment consists of a light stand, a light tube holder with cooling fans, a keyboard and a custom-built mini-tower that houses the electronics and frequency generating output circuitry to the tube.

How does Beam Ray Light Therapy Work?

Radiant emissions testing, has shown that the tube emits energy in the Infra-Red Spectrum, and produces electromagnetic energy along with the radiated RF that is being produced. The square wave produces heavy harmonics and a ringing effect that is very effective in the destruction of viruses, bacteria and fungus.

Why Try Beam Ray Light Therapy?

Users have reported success with Lymes Disease, Pneumonia, Colds/Flu, Diabetes, Hepatitis C, Immune System Enhancement, Herpes, Parasites, Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus, Shingles, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Allergies.

What are the Effects of the Treatment?

Those who are sensitive to light and sound frequencies may very well feel the effects of what is being generated by the Beam Ray. However, this group of people (10 percent or less) is in the minority. It is not necessary to “feel” the effects, but rather to experience healing.

Are There Any Risks Associated With the Light Ray Beam Therapy?

Each individual reacts differently to the treatment. A small percentage of people experience diarrhea after the first few treatments. Pregnant women, those who suffer from seizures and those with pacemakers should not use the Beam Ray light

What Can I Expect When I Arrive for Treatment at Longevity?

We will provide a comfortable environment for you to receive your treatment. You will sit in a quiet room in a recliner. We encourage you to sit back and relax, allowing the body to respond and heal. Most treatments last about 45 minutes, and you are free to sleep, eat or read while you use the Light Ray Beam. It is not necessary to wear protective eyewear.

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