Tips for Implementing a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

An Interview with Bobby & Sarah Rossi, Owners of Rossi’s Gluten Free Market, Woodstock, GA 

Do you have a gluten sensitivity or intolerance? When people who are intolerant eat gluten, it wreaks havoc on the intestinal lining, leading to a chronic immune response, digestive issues galore, and a host of other symptoms. 

Whether you are sensitive to this protein or not, we could ALL benefit from reducing the amount we’re consuming on a daily basis. Setting out on a gluten-free journey can be a bit overwhelming at first, but that’s why we’re so excited that a new gluten-free market just opened up just down the road from our office (Hwy 92 in Woodstock). 

We sat down with Bobby & Sarah Rossi, Owners of Rossi’s Gluten Free Market to hear all about their business and their tips for implementing a gluten-free lifestyle. Enjoy this interview, and learn more about Rossie’s Gluten Free Market at 


Tell us about your business and the heart behind what you do. 

Sarah and I began researching our concept back in October of 2020.  As gluten free consumers ourselves, we found it frustrating to have to travel to three or four different stores for our dietary needs.  We frequently found a limited selection and inconsistent stock.  Oftentimes, these stores would mix the gluten free products in with everything else.  We spent many visits to the store replanning our dinner menus because these items were out of stock.  Upon researching more, we discovered that our favorite brands had many other products available.  Knowing that there were other consumers like us, we wanted to create a grocery store that stocked nothing but gluten free items.  It is our passion for people to be able to come in and shop for food that’s safe to eat.  We also carry dairy free and vegan options.


What is most challenging about eliminating or reducing gluten from our diets? 

I’ve been gluten free for eight years now, and Sarah has been gluten free for three years.  I was able to lose 90 pounds by eliminating gluten and sugar from my diet, with regular exercise.  We physically feel better, mentally sharper and don’t have to deal with the ugly side effects of being “glutened”.  We don’t miss the headaches, lethargy or digestive issues.  I definitely don’t miss the dumb rash on my face and neck.  


 Tell us about your own gluten-free journey. What benefits have you noticed since you eliminated it from your diet? 

One of the most challenging issues we face from eliminating gluten from our diets is that we grew up on it.  I was adopted into an Italian-American family, hence the last name, and Sarah is from a Polish-American family.  For me, many dinners would include pastas, breads, rolls and desserts like Tiramisu and Cannoli.  For Sarah, Pierogies, breads, crackers, and other baked goods.  We miss it!  


What is your advice to those who are just finding out they are gluten sensitive/intolerant or who have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease? What tips or resources do you recommend for making the learning process and routine easier? 

Finding out about a Celiac or Hashimoto diagnosis or intolerance/sensitivity to gluten can be discouraging!  But it doesn’t mean you’re alone.  The good news is that gluten-free food has come a long way in the past 8 years that I’ve known it.  We’re so happy that we can carry so many comparable and reputable products.  There’s also a lot of online resources available.  We’re members of various gluten-free/celiac groups on social media.  Everything from recipes, to safe options at local restaurants, to finds at the grocery store, are shared and discussed.  The folks on there have so much insight and offer tips from personal experience.  I’ve even encountered a gluten-free group that meets once a month for lunch.  Most importantly, the amazing folks at Longevity are there for you, too.  


What is your favorite gluten-free product that makes the lifestyle easier and more convenient for you? 

My favorite products would be anything from Lucky Spoon Bakery.  They have everything from cakes, to chocolate chip cookies and brownies, to strawberry cupcakes.  It’s a splurge, but it takes me back to pre-gluten-free life with baked goods.  Sarah’s favorites are Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars and Lucky Spoon Chocolate cupcakes.