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By Mariela Amiri, Traditional Naturopath & Patient Coordinator


What are EMFs?

Electromagnetic Fields or EMFs are invisible fields created by the charges and currents of electrical entities. Much like gravity, these fields are invisible to the naked eye, yet have a great negative impact on our bodies. Natural EMFs are present everywhere in the environment, even on the cellular level. They are created by objects as small as atoms, electrons and even our own nerves; to objects as large as the sun and the planets that rotate around it. Visible evidence of EMFs occurs when the build up of electricity in the environment creates lightning or when the earth’s magnetic field causes a compass needle to point north. 

As the technological revolution continues, there has been a significant increase in the number and diversity of electromagnetic field sources, EMFs. Man-made EMFs are referred to as Dirty Electricity or Electromagnetic Radiation, these types of EMFs are harmful to the human body. For most people, exposure to EMFs occurs on a daily basis, as these fields are everywhere. Some common items that produce these EMFs include cellular phones, microwave ovens, electronic appliances, gaming systems, computers, laptops, iPods, iWatches, FitBits, MP3 players, electronic grids and even indoor lightning. 

EMFs exist on a spectrum and it depends on its wavelength and frequency. There are two types of electromagnetic fields, one has the capacity to break chemical bonds and the other does not.  

Higher Frequency EMFs/Ionizing are EMFs which include X-Rays, Gamma Rays, ultraviolet rays. These EMFs are ionizing radiation that can cause damage to cells and DNA. Some high doses of ionizing radiation can cause immediate damage such as burns, hair loss, organ damage, damage to bone marrow and damage to an unborn fetus. These types of damage can also cause long term effects with no immediate symptoms. Low-Mid Frequency EMFs/Non Ionizing EMFs include static fields, magnetic fields from electrical power lines and appliances, radio waves, and visible light. 


How do EMFs affect our body?

EMFs affect the intra-cellular communication in the body, causing our cells to die off faster than they can be regenerated, toxins collect in our bodies which inhibits the correct function of our cells and this is when health issues arise. 

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is the term used for a variety of non-specific symptoms due to exposure to EMFs. Some people can be sensitive to both types of EMs.The symptoms most commonly experienced are dermatological symptoms such as redness, tingling and burning sensations as well as neurological symptoms such as dizziness, headaches/migraines,difficulty concentrating, insomnia/circadian imbalance, neuropathy, as well as  depression. Additionally other symptoms include  low libido and digestive disturbances are just a few of these bothersome symptoms.


How do I protect myself from EMFs?

Start with your sleeping environment. While you are sleeping, your body’s parasympathetic system works on restoring you at cellular level. Take a look at your sleeping environment and make sure that it is free from radiation emitting devices such as cellphones, Alexas, electric blankets, laptops etc. We recommend that these devices, particularly when they are plugged into the wall, are moved at least 5 feet away from your body. Additionally, it is recommended to remove any iWatches and Fitbits before going to sleep. You might also consider putting your home’s WiFi internet router on a timer so that it shuts down at night. 

We recommend investing in products that transform hazardous EMFs into fields of protection around you. House shields, meter shields, cell phone and laptop shields, EMF blocking jewelry are excellent ideas to keep you safe from harmful radiation.  Home shields typically plug into an electric outlet and protect 2,500 square feet of your home. Cell phone/ laptop shields can be placed directly on the object for protection, and will last about 2 years.

Check out our Smart 5G Shield, designed to block radiation from common sources such as 4G and 5G cell phones, tablets and laptops. These shields are powered by a patent pending solar cell device that increases effectiveness to divert the high intensity frequencies from cell towers that harm human cells. Call our nutrition shop for more information 770-642-4646.