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An Interview with Dr. Julia Brugliera, DVM, Happy Tails Holistic Veterinary Care

Here at Longevity, our patients are always asking us if we can treat their furry family members. The answer is no, but we know someone who can! 

Dr. Julia Brugliera is a Veterinarian at Happy Tails Holistic Veterinary Care, just down the road from our office in Roswell, and our staff members and patients rave about her practice! Dr. Julia has been practicing small animal medicine, holistic medicine and surgery in the Atlanta area since 2009.

We sat down with Dr. Julia to talk about some holistic steps you can take to complement your pet’s traditional veterinary care so you can keep your four-legged fur baby healthy and happy!


Tell us a little about your practice and your integrative approach to veterinary medicine. 

We look at the pet’s entire lifestyle, including diet and exercise to determine the best treatment plan.  We use a combination of the best traditional and integrative services to support optimal health.  


What kind of holistic services does your practice offer for pets?

We offer acupuncture, laser, Chinese herbal therapies, glandular supplements, chiropractic care, assisted lymphatic therapy, as well as ozone therapy to achieve optimal wellness and detoxification.  We also have a hyperbaric chamber and sound wave therapy along with PEMF and infrared mats.


What is your practice’s approach to preventative care for pets? 

We tailor preventative care for each pet’s lifestyle.  Some pets may only need a Rabies vaccine or sometimes no vaccines at all if they have a chronic disease process.  We do recommend annual wellness blood work, fecal testing, heartworm testing, as well as functional medicine to check vitamin levels.  We offer a cancer screening panel which is a non-invasive blood test checking two enzymes to see if there are any pre-existing risk factors. We also offer traditional x-ray, ultrasound, in house lab work, and general surgery and dentistry. 


What is one thing you wish pet owners knew about the care of their pets?

That a healthy, species-appropriate diet and daily detoxification methods are necessary for optimal health. 


What are some holistic steps pet owners can take to keep their dogs and cats healthy in the winter months? 


Continue to exercise pets all year round as well as keep them from dangerous items around the holidays. Things to avoid would be any holiday decorations, chocolates, or items like onions or grapes, as well as too many fats in human foods.  There are still many healthy human foods that could be given as treats such as lean turkey meat, sweet potatoes (without butter), and many vegetables such as green beans or fruits such as blueberries, all of which make a tasty treat! 


We look forward to helping you gain a better perspective on holistic veterinary care!


To learn more about Dr. Julia and Happy Tails Holistic Veterinary Care, visit AtlantaHolisticVet.com