How to resolve pelvic floor problems with Women First Rehabilitation

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By Dr. Sara Bolden, 

Licensed Physical Therapist and Board Certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist

If you’re like most people, you don’t hesitate to talk to friends about medical problems like a sore throat or an arthritic knee.  But when it comes to pelvic issues, you probably hesitate, thinking you are the only one with this problem.  Truth is, you’re not alone.  Young, old, or somewhere in between, chances are you (and many of your friends) have experienced a pelvic floor problem.  

Even though you might not want to talk about it, pelvic floor conditions can be – and should be – successfully treated.  The specialists at Women First Rehabilitation have just the solution no matter what stage of life you’re in.

The Female Athlete

  • Fact – 43% of female athletes have experienced leakage while engaging in their sport.
  • Patient Population = 15-40 years old
  • Results – 70% of female athletes who experience incontinence are cured after pelvic floor rehabilitation.
  • “Since 2012, I have struggled with issues related to the musculature of my hips and pelvis.  For four years, I trained hard, lifted weights, ran a marathon, raced bicycles, did yoga; yet my list of issues got longer!  Low back pain, painful hips, incontinence, and then – the last straw – hemorrhoids.  I was embarrassed and frustrated.  Dr. Bolden quickly showed me that it wasn’t weak muscles that had me in this predicament; it was the way in which certain muscles were so incredibly tight.  Through specific relaxation techniques and dry needling, Dr. Bolden had me back to feeling like a normal person in about four visits.” – Lynn

Reproductive Services

  • Fact – 50% of women have diastasis recti that does not resolve after they give birth, and 58% of new moms have pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • Patient Population = Mid 20s to late 30s
  • Results – 71.9% of patients who received pelvic physical therapy during pregnancy and/or immediately post-partum improved in stress urinary incontinence, diastasis recti and/or pelvic pain.
  • “For two years, I had been having lower back pain due to post-partum diastasis recti, and I’d given up hope that anything would reduce the pain.  Dr. Bolden took the time to listen to my issues, gave me exercises to work on at home, and used special techniques to relieve pain.  Within a couple months, my abdominal muscles have closed significantly, and my lower back pain has resolved.  I am now able to hold my kids, run, and walk without any back pain.” – Anna

Pain with Intimacy

  • Fact – One in four women have pain with intimacy.
  • Patient Population = 20-60 years old
  • Results – 74% of patients with painful intercourse significantly improve with pelvic floor physical therapy.
  • “At first, I was skeptical as to how physical therapy could help with pain I had when my husband and I were intimate.  I had, for many years, discussed this pain with my gynecologist, and there never seemed to be lasting relief.  Thank you for taking the time to educate me on what my pelvic floor muscles were doing and how scar tissue from three C-sections played into my pain.  I have also noticed that my urinary incontinence has completely resolved, too.” – Mary

Bladder Health

  • Fact – Up to twelve million men and women have interstitial cystitis (painful bladder syndrome).
  • Patient Population = Children to elderly (dependent on diagnosis)
  • Results – 60–85% of patients with bladder conditions are adequately managed (absence of symptoms) or cured with pelvic floor therapy.
  • “My physical therapist was treating me for lower back pain, and recommended I go to WFR for issues I was having with my bladder.  When I saw Dr. Bolden the first time, I was experiencing intense pain and repercussions from use of antibiotics.  Dr. Bolden’s wisdom, skill and caring approach sent me on a journey to good health again.” – Jeanie

Wellness/Weight Loss

  • Fact – 74% of Americans are considered overweight.
  • Patient Population = Anyone consuming the “average American diet”
  • Results – 53% of individuals who used supervised weight loss plans lost more weight than those who tried on their own.
  • “I would never have believed that following a simple eating plan could rid my body of inflammation and pain, and as an added bonus, I lost sixty pounds!  Thank you!” – Vicki
  • “I went on a special diet about a month ago (under the direction of Women First) and noticed such a difference.  My energy levels have gone up!  Thank you so much for all your help.” – Anna

Elite Healthcare

Women First Rehabilitation is an elite healthcare practice devoted exclusively to treating individuals with pelvic pain, urogenital disorders, fertility challenges, prenatal preparation, post-partum musculoskeletal impairments and pelvic floor dysfunctions.  All the practitioners are licensed women’s health physical therapists with advanced knowledge and training in pelvic floor rehabilitation and women’s health. 

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