The Many Benefits of Acupuncture for Mind, Body, and Spirit

The Many Benefits of Acupuncture for Mind, Body, and Spirit

An Interview with Dr. Kiwon Han, Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine


Are you curious about Acupuncture and whether it could be beneficial for you? If so, here’s a little Acupuncture primer! 

  • Meridians are energy channels which course throughout the body. Chi circulates via the meridians to all parts of the body. The unimpeded flow of chi is imperative for good health, and any misdirection, blockage or other interruption of the flow of chi may result in pain, dysfunction and poor health. 
  • Using fine needles, an Acupuncturist stimulates certain points along the course of the 14 meridians. This act restores the balance and flow of chi so that the body and its systems can function normally. 


In short, Acupuncture sets the stage for the body to repair itself and maintain its own health.

When you think of Acupuncture, pain relief is most likely the first thing that pops into your head. Perhaps you’ve tried dry needling or cupping in the past for issues like headaches, neck pain, or a sports injury. 


It’s proven that the placement of Acupuncture needles or cups at specific pain points releases endorphins and opioids, the body’s natural painkillers, as well as neurotransmitters to the brain. There is also evidence that stimulating acupuncture points draws out inflammation and increases circulation, speeding up the healing and detoxification processes. When pain is relieved, patients feel a greater overall sense of physical well-being, and all their systems are able to function optimally. 


In addition to pain management, Acupuncture has numerous lesser-known benefits. For example, it can aid in the treatment of digestive issues, insomnia, sleep disorders, and even help people stop smoking. 


We sat down with Longevity Acupuncturist Dr. Kiwon Han to learn more about this ancient Eastern therapy and some of the ways it can help the body heal and balance itself.  Enjoy this interview with Dr. Han, and learn more at


Can Acupuncture help people with ongoing sinus problems or seasonal allergies? 

Yes, Acupuncture can not only improve the function of the immune system but also restore the flow of qi throughout the body. It can help clear blockages from the sinus passages, relieving a range of sinus issues, including headaches, pressure, pain, and nasal congestion.


What’s the connection between Acupuncture and endocrine health? Can this therapy aid with issues like PCOS, infertility, and menopause symptoms? 

We can help the endocrine system by stimulating several key Acupuncture points. For menopause symptoms, Acupuncture can help our bodies better adjust to the hormone changes that occur during this transition. 

Acupuncture can also help with many of the medical conditions that impact fertility. These include PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, and issues with ovarian reserve and sperm quality. It can also help relieve some of the side effects associated with fertility drugs, such as bloating and nausea.


We know Acupuncture has numerous physical benefits, but can it also support people in their mental and emotional health? How does it enhance mood, sleep, and overall energy and well-being? 

In Oriental Medicine, our body and spirit are never separated, and I’ve seen Acupuncture serve as a game-changer for patients’ mental and emotional health.

This therapy stimulates the release of specific neurotransmitters, which regulate mood, sleep cycles, breathing, heart rate and concentration. Regular sessions can do wonders for those struggling with high stress, anxiety, and insomnia issues. 

Because Acupuncture treatments are pain free and very relaxing, they are a great way to give yourself some much-needed self-care. Each session helps the body relax, lowering cortisol and getting into a zen-like meditative state.  


You have years of experience using Acupuncture for weight loss and cosmetic purposes. How does this therapy help patients not only feel, but also look better? 

For optimal weight loss, our minds and bodies need to be in their best condition. When our systems are more balanced, we can better control cravings and have more energy to move and care for our bodies. Acupuncture patients experience increased metabolism, reduced appetite, and lower stress levels, giving them a sense of motivation and well-being. 



Women around the world have been using Acupuncture facial treatments for rejuvenation and beauty maintenance for generations. Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture will brighten lusterless skin, reduce redness, tighten sagging areas, drain congested lymph, soften wrinkles and discourage formation of new ones.


The treatment exercises the cutaneous layer of the skin and fights aging by attacking flaccidity, expression lines, dehydration, and poor circulation. The dermis of the face is strengthened by correcting circulation deficiencies and stimulating fibroblasts to increase collagen production, thereby improving elasticity. Facial rejuvenation is a safe alternative to cosmetic surgery with no traumatic side effects.


Clients will notice that their skin feels warmer, tighter, brighter, lightened, and more awake after just one session. The treatment also works at the cellular level to stimulate cellular activity through the production of ATP, the major carrier of energy to the cells, helping all cells to readily accept nutrients and eliminate waste.



Dr. Han earned her Bachelor’s of Oriental Medicine at Wonkwang University of South Korea in 2002. After practicing as an Oriental Medical Doctor for 18 years in Korea, she moved to the U.S. to continue her work as a Georgia Licensed and board certified Acupuncturist. She is also a member of the Korean Medicine of Obesity and Bokchi Korean Medicine Societies. With more than 20 years of experience with Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, Dr. Han is skilled in pain management, fertility issues, obesity treatment, and cosmetic Acupuncture. She lives in Suwanee with her husband Junyong, her two kids, Yujin and Yun, and her poodle, Kkamja.