Susan Flaherty’s Testimonial

Here at Longevity, we love hearing testimonials from our patients who have experienced amazing transformations with their health.  Enjoy this story from a patient who has seen miraculous improvements in her quality of life.  If you have a testimonial to share, we’d love to hear from you and use your story to encourage others! 

It just seems like I remember always being what could be described as “robust but fragile” all of my life. Maybe my immune system was always a bit weak, because although I could excel at sports, I would catch things easily. It was not until 1990, at age 38, when the situation took a turn for the worst, and I experienced a fever that held on for 12 days and increased as the days went by. I kept getting weaker and weaker, and finally numbness began to move up my legs starting at my feet. By evening I could no longer stand up and had to be rushed to the ER. After many tests, the doctors were still unsure of the cause, but treated the symptoms as they saw fit (with steroids). The doctor of infectious disease mentioned that he “suspected Lyme disease” but could not confirm it through the testing.(I have since learned that traditional testing is not adequate to confirm Lyme disease and that more sophisticated testing is needed.)

Two weeks later when all the dust settled, I found myself paralyzed from the chest down, with several doctors telling me I would likely never walk again. I was single, and rehab took about a year, so my new life was an incredible challenge.  In a strange way, I found all of this to be a time of spiritual awakening, as I came to trust a higher power to see me through all of this. In an unexplainable way this experience had a beauty about it that was profound.

So, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and tried my best to learn to walk again. Over several months, I was able to get around and walk, but always with a severe stiff legged limp. Over the next many many years I experienced diverse symptoms that included: joint pain (with visible joint damage) skin rashes, severe allergic reactions, sounds in my ears, itching all over, insomnia, dry uncomfortable eyes, eye lids twitching, flashing lights and floaters in one eye diagnosed as “inflammatory vitriol detachment”, memory loss, severe brain fog and dizziness, neck pain that would become unbearable and make me have to lay down, irritability, depression, foot pain that seemed to be in the bone, Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, chronic severe constipation and heart palpitations. I think my worst symptom of all was severe fatigue to the point of being unable to participate in life. The list could go on and on but I think you have the picture. The Doctors I would see did not have helpful advice.  They offered drugs to mask the symptoms, but I declined.  I then began to try eating a much healthier diet, which I feel certain may have helped to tide me over until I found the real cause of the problems. At least with good nutrition I was not exacerbating an already difficult situation.

Finally, last summer my symptoms became unbearable and I was finally fed up with suffering.  For many years I had been hearing from people about a wonderful homeopathic doctor. A veterinarian, a chiropractor, a well respected friend and an MD had all spoken of this man to me with great respect. His name they said was Seneca Anderson and he “got results”. They say when the student is ready, the teacher will come, and this was the case with Dr. Anderson.  One day I just decided that I needed to see the “gift in my challenge” in order to be healed. A week after I decided to change my attitude, I found myself talking to a stranger about Dr. Anderson and how he had helped her. That was it. I was going to see him!

Thankfully the wonderful office staff helped me get in ASAP by placing me on a waiting list. I was a bit familiar with Dr. Anderson’s testing equipment and was not too surprised when I was told I had the spirochetes bacteria.  I had read other stories of people who had been treated for the disease with standard medical protocol and were placed on antibiotics for anywhere from one to two years and then relapsed.  I just could NOT go there. I was so happy to hear that Dr. Anderson used methods that supported the body but were effective in killing the bacteria. I was also relieved to see that Dr. Anderson understood how sick I had been and had compassion for me rather than trying to convince me it was “all in my head”.

As excited as I was to have found this wonderful resource, I could not have been totally prepared for how this healing was going to try out my patience in a way like never before. I think when you are resigned to being ill you become lethargic and lose hope. But when you begin to get hope once again, it is a vulnerable feeling and you must exercise your faith like never before so you can go the distance. The healing time I was told would be six months to one year, and so we began. Dr. Anderson sent me home with first a bioenergetic balancing card to wear on my body, as well as some supportive supplements that included a special silver that could kill bacteria. I was asked to eliminate certain foods for a while and to drink plenty of pure water.

It seems that for a good while I felt more tired than before.  I was hopeful that this meant my body was using energy to heal itself with the help of the various supplements and therapies. For several months I was able to be patient as I think I had this idea that it would take “six months” for me to get better. I had sort of set a time limit like that in my mind so when six months arrived I was getting anxious. I felt a good bit better, and many of my symptoms had reduced or disappeared slowly but surely, and I could see clear changes happening. I think the scary thing for us Lyme folks is that our symptoms come and go and move around so much that when we start to get a real cure, we feel worried that it will not last, but my symptoms were now going and not coming back! Yahoo! It did take me almost eight months to clear the spirochetes from my body, and at that time I felt great improvement in my overall health. It would take a little longer to tweak some of the symptoms as I had this disease for close to thirty years, but I was ever so much better and felt like myself again!

In closing, I am ever grateful to Dr. Anderson for following his heart call to become a healer of not only bodies, but of hearts and minds, as he gives his patients much hope and support. The staff at Longevity is just a fine group of caring individuals who encourage you on your journey back to health. Healing will require you to be strong and go the distance, but you can do it, and you deserve to really fight for your life!  Just let Dr. Anderson help you and never give up.  We are all deserving of great health.

May God bless you on your journey, Susan Flahert