Sharon Folk’s Road to Abundant Health

Longevity Health Center’s 40-year impact in the community can be summed up in the devotion of a longtime patient and friend, Sharon Folk. She first met Dr. Seneca Anderson in 1979 at a holistic healing conference at the Health Barn and Vitamin Shop near her hometown of Greenville, TN. So impressed with his care and healing method, she has continued to seek his health guidance to this day.


At the time when Sharon attended the conference, she suffered from habitual sore throats and earaches, which she had treated unsuccessfully with years of antibiotics. She had spent years treating symptoms, only to experience more. She was beginning to discover a new way of thinking and living just as Dr. Anderson was accepting his call to practice bio-energetic medicine.


“What impressed me from the very beginning was that everything is energy,” said Sharon. “Energy assumes several forms and it can heal the body. Dr. Anderson would test me and I would listen to the frequency and how he checked for the right remedy.”


Through experience, Sharon saw for herself how these remedies healed her. In the last 38 years Sharon has been under the care of Longevity Health Center and overcome numerous sicknesses from toxins she accumulated through the years.
In 1992, Sharon underwent a major dental procedure to remove 14 amalgam fillings. Dr. Anderson assisted her in her detox of heavy metal toxicity with homeopathic drainage remedies. Later she developed hot spots in her breast and again Dr. Anderson assisted her with homeopathic remedies and with new technologies that Longevity offered such as Ozone Therapy and Frequency Specific Microcurrent. In the past 30 years, Longevity has grown to offer more services such as Massage, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Acupuncture and the addition of four new bio-energetic practitioners. Sharon recalls when the office staff was only Dr. Anderson, Melina Smith, and Kay Anderson, all of whom she fondly admires for their amazing care.

“Through all this time I have become friends with them,” Sharon said. “Kay is always so caring and she goes the extra mile. You don’t go 38 years knowing someone and not form a personal relationship. Melina especially has done great things. Over the years I have seen Dr. Anderson grow and refine his process. He has developed and applied the knowledge he’s learned, but after practicing for 40 years, he has developed his own path.”


Sharon recalls all the offices Seneca and his wife Kay taught and practiced in from 1978 until Longevity was formed and set up permanent residence in Roswell, Ga. Even though Sharon lives and works in Tennessee, she sometimes travels 10 hours round trip for an appointment and treatment at Longevity. Sharon has a goal to keep her health good for as long as she can. She has appointments more often these days, but she said it’s like visiting family. “I would recommend this practice to anyone,” Sharon said.


Sharon is the former owner of a manufacturing company for printing custom business forms. She currently owns and operates an 18-hole golf course in Greenville, TN. She is very active in her community where she contributes by sitting on several boards and committees. But most of all, she is living a healthy life as a testament to her care from Longevity Health Center.