Rhythms of Renewal: Creating Life Balance for Whole Health

Rhythms of Renewal: Creating Life Balance for Whole Health


When you think of living “health,” what picture evolves in your mind? What does it look like to live an extraordinary life of abundant health? Is eating more nutrient-dense foods a solution for you? Maybe exercising or becoming more active is a part of your wellness vision? If you could just experience a little more energy or sleep better at night, would that define “health” more clearly for you? 


Realistically, our total wellness cannot be fully grasped unless we have healthy habits in three key areas, which I like to define as our physical, emotional and spiritual life rhythms. A rhythm is “a strong, regular repeated pattern of movement”, and in the context of our lives, we all establish regular patterns of movement that can either strengthen our overall health or diminish it. This pursuit takes intentionality and focus, which is sometimes difficult to sustain in today’s fast-paced existence. 


For example, if one is eating nutritious foods and maintaining regular exercise, yet still having trouble sleeping and managing stress, the patterns that are not balanced contribute negatively to our overall immune function. An athlete who stays physically fit and sleeps soundly every night may still have hidden chronic inflammation due to a high-stress career or unhealthy relationship. Maybe you have stress managed in your life and your diet is healthy, yet you lack community connections, enriching friendships or foundational faith. Your optimum health is compromised greatly by lacking these emotional and spiritual connections, because these rhythms are vital to how your body functions and heals physically. 


When our life rhythms, the repeated, regular patterns of our days, are out of balance in one of these key areas, our overall wellness is impacted in negative ways. When we step back and take into consideration all of the facets of our health, we experience growth and abundant health in more ways than we can imagine.


As a life, health and nutrition coach for over ten years, I support individuals as they take an inventory of their life rhythms. One can start by looking past the “symptoms” of their physical health. Together we take a deeper dive at root causes that might have their origin in areas such as chronic stress, lack of intimacy in important relationships, life transitions that take their toll unknowingly, and even a lack of spiritual focus and discipline. 


A health coach can offer support to individuals who suffer from a chronic condition, want to better manage a condition through lifestyle and diet change, desire support in carrying out a practitioner’s recommendations, or hope to optimize health and focus on prevention. The clients I work with establish “rhythms of renewal” that not only create sustainable lifestyle change in their physical habits, but their emotional and spiritual patterns, as well. 


Picture a wheel with multiple spokes: your “life wheel”. When one of the spokes is broken or damaged, the wheel will not be able to balance the weight it carries or function properly. So it is with our own life! When the areas remain in balance, the wheel operates flawlessly and can carry us to our destination with ease and endurance. 


What does your life wheel look like? Visit my website at www.beautyforbroken.com to take your free Life Wheel assessment and receive your complimentary consultation for health coaching today!