Reflecting on 40 Years of Practice

By Seneca B. Anderson, DOM, ND, L.Ac. / Longevity Founder

It’s hard to believe that 2018 marks 40 years of practice for our health center. When my wife Kay and I first started out, we had no idea how our vision for a natural health center would flourish to the extent that it has. All these years later, I can honestly say I’m still happy to come to work most days, and still get excited learning about new approaches to natural healing. What really brings us the most joy and happiness is seeing folks achieve positive results with their health and quality of life.  It makes me particularly proud to see my daughter Alice Honican and our other practitioners get results with their clients, and I’m happy to know they’ll carry on the Longevity mission to love God and serve others for years to come.

If you’ve come to see me over the last few decades, you’re probably familiar with my testing equipment, the VEGA machine. When you’re in our office you can always hear the whiny siren noise it makes to indicate each of my patients’ toxicity levels, stressed organs and specific toxins burdening their systems.

Today, performing a VEGA assessment is second nature to me, but there was a time when this was not the case. When I first invested in the equipment, I believed in what it could do, but I just couldn’t get the hang of it! I even traveled to Germany and studied under Dr. Helmut Schimmel, world-renowned physician and inventor of the VEGA test method, but when I came back home I just couldn’t get reliable results with my own patients.

After much discouragement and frustration, I took my dilemma to the Lord. I was a relatively new believer at the time, but I had just enough faith to pray this prayer: “God, if you show me how to use this equipment, I’ll use it to serve you through serving others for as long as I’m able.” Soon after I made this request, I had a dream. In the VEGA method organ ampules are introduced into the circuitry of the equipment. Dr. Schimmel used a rocking technique while measuring the acupuncture points. I was never able to master this technique despite the hours I put into practicing over the course of several months.

In the dream I was performing an assessment, but instead of trying to duplicate Dr. Schimmel’s technique I held the measurement tip on the acupuncture point, and with a positive response the conductivity value decreased.  I woke up knowing that I could accurately perform the testing, thanks be to God.  He has sustained us and upheld us these forty years! 
To all our loyal and faithful patients over the years, we say thank you. You’ll never know how much it means to our family and staff that you trust us with your health. We are just vessels, and our testing equipment are great tools, but God is the Great Physician! Here’s to many more years of health and healing.