Natural Alternatives for Boosting Brain Power

By Cristina McMullen, Certified Wellness Coach, Bio-Energetic Practitioner

As we ramp up for another school year, are you looking to boost your child’s cognitive function the natural way?  Check out these high-quality supplement options in the Longevity Nutrition Shop.


This cream contains the pre-methylated forms of B12 and folate (B9). These B vitamins are essential for proper functioning and development of brain and nerve cells. They play a role in neurotransmitter function, which enhances our ability to reason and think logically, and assist in the production of myelin, which keeps the nerves in our brain in good repair.


Fish oil supplements contain two very important omega 3 oils: EPA and DHA. Both EPA and DHA are extremely important for brain development and function. Starting at the time of conception, DHA is especially important for the growth and development of the brain. EPA is very important once children begin school because it can be helpful with childhood behavior, academic performance, attention, focus, and reducing aggression. The recommended dose for an EPA/DHA blend for most children is 2,000 mg per day.


This is a safe and effective supplement for children and adults with ADHD symptoms. It is known to reduce stress and frustration, enhance mental focus, and increase attention span and concentration. Attend also supports the function of the central nervous system and addresses the neurochemical deficiencies associated with ADHD.


This supplement assists in the production and processing of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine plays an important role in many brain functions, including learning and concentration, behavior, motor activity, sleep, and mood.


This formula supports a healthy nervous system and nerve tissue. Many of the herbs provide a gentle calming effect and help with occasional nervous irritability, sensitivity and excitement. Gotu Kola supports normal mental functions like concentration, memory, and alertness.


Not only do these chews taste like a raspberry starburst, but they are packed with the brain boosting amino acids l-carnitine and l-tyrosine. L-Carnitine is essential in helping to keep brain cells active healthy while l-tyrosine helps to improve cognitive function, such as enhanced mental performance and repetitive tasks.

Call or stop by our Nutrition Shop to talk to a knowledgeable staff member about the best option for your child.  Here’s to a successful school year!