Julie Ann’s Road to Healing

Here at Longevity, our mission is to love God and serve people, and we love hearing stories from patients who have experienced amazing transformations with their health. Enjoy this interview with our wonderful patient, Julie Ann, who has experienced a tremendous improvement in her health and quality of life this year.

What were your primary health concerns and symptoms when you started at our practice? 

I was experiencing dizziness, intense brain fog, multiple unexplained falls, neuropath, muscle tension, and extreme fatigue. I had seen multiple doctors who were unable to pinpoint exactly what was wrong, but suspected autoimmune disease and wanted me to see a Rheumatologist. I refused. I’m a retired nurse and stay up-to-date on all things health, and I had a strong feeling that I had a Lyme infection, not an autoimmune disorder. I didn’t want to take the chance of being misdiagnosed. A friend at a local herb shop in my town recommended Dr. Anderson and Longevity Health Center. 

What were your first appointments like? 

My first appointment was amazing. From the moment I walked into the lobby and saw the mission statement on the wall, I knew I was in the right place. I was immediately comforted. I was treated so kindly by everyone, and Dr. Anderson assured me we would get me feeling better soon. 

My husband attended the first appointment with me, and since Dr. Anderson’s testing was “very different” from anything we’d seen before, he decided to check Dr. A’s reviews right there in the office! My husband noticed that there was not one bad review on Dr. Anderson that he could find, but all glowing recommendations of how much he had helped them. This gave us so much comfort about this holistic method of treatment and the practitioner. My follow-up appointment with Cristina was wonderful as well. She was so kind and helpful. 

What was your initial response to the treatments and therapies? 

My response to the treatments has been incredible! I have been faithful to all the supplements that Dr. A gave me and his instructions on how I should eat. I have used the HOCATT therapy in addition to the supplements. I have regained “myself” much quicker than I anticipated. When I first started the detox, I felt worse for a short period (I was told to expect this), but then I started to notice my symptoms were beginning to fade away. By my first follow up visit, my detox numbers were cut in half, and the viruses that I had been fighting for over 5 years were gone! 

What is your overall health picture today? 

Now, about half-way into my treatment plan, I feel like I am at about 85% and well on my way to 100%! My brain fog is almost non-existent, I have more energy than I have had in a long time, and I am not falling or having dizziness and fatigue on a regular basis. I feel much more lucid and productive. I have been in an aircast boot three times on my right foot from the falls I was having. That foot doesn’t even feel weak anymore, which I believe is a result of my therapies and supplements. 

What is your overall impression of Longevity Health Center, the practitioners and staff?  

My overall rating of Longevity Health Center a 10 out of 10! I have not had one bad experience in dealing with anyone there, and the therapies offered are such a tremendous help. I was so happy that everything my body needed to heal was within the Nutrition Shop right there in the office! I have been telling everyone I know about Longevity, Dr. Anderson, and his staff!

If you have a transformation story to share, we’d love to hear from you! Email JoAnna at marketing@longevityhealthcenter.com