How Regular Office Visits with Your Naturopath Benefit Your Health

By: Alice Honican, L.Ac, ND

Are you visiting your Natural Health Practitioner on a regular basis?  If not, minor, undetected issues could grow into major health concerns. Regular check-ups can protect you from the common and seasonal illnesses that causes your family to miss work and school, and can even prevent chronic illness processes. This saves you so much time, expense, pain and frustration in the long run! So just how often should you visit your practitioner? I recommend at least once a quarter or season.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, climatic factors are considered to be an external cause of disease.  Such climatic factors can be labeled Wind, Cold, Heat, Dryness, etc. If the immune system is weak, or the environmental factor is strong, pathogens are able to penetrate the skin, nose, or mouth causing symptoms. Climatic factors cause symptoms which are typical of particular climates or seasons. For example, we get flus in the winter, and allergies in the spring.  This is why it is so important to keep the immune system strong and healthy.

Toxic burden is another huge contributor to illness. Think of the body as a bathtub. Toxins are constantly coming in as we are bombarded with bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals in our everyday lives.  To maintain vitality, it’s essential that the tub drain is open and unclogged. Our drainage systems include the lymphatics, colon, liver, and kidneys. At Longevity, through state-of-the-art bioenergetic testing, Thermography and urinalysis, we’re able to quickly pinpoint toxins present in the system, and which organs need the most support.  

Regular bioenergetic evaluations also allow us to determine what nutrients are depleted and what foods are causing sensitivities. A whole-body assessment of organ stress, toxins, and nutrition that is specific to each individual patient will help guide customized protocols and supporting therapies.  Don’t wait until the New Year to make healthy resolutions. Take your health into your own hands. Schedule a preventive office visit today!