Amy’s Healing Story

Here at Longevity, our mission is to love God and serve people, and we love hearing stories from patients who have experienced amazing transformations with their health. Enjoy this interview with our wonderful patient, Amy, who has experienced freedom from disease and a tremendous improvement in her quality of life.

What were your primary health concerns starting at our practice? Describe your symptoms.

Chronic fatigue, hypothryroid disease, numbness in fingers and toes, restless leg syndrome, and recurrent bronchitis and pneumonia. 

What were your first appointments like?  What was your response to the treatment plan?

My first appointment was wonderful. I was filled with so much hope after my visit with Dr. Anderson. I was so excited about getting started on the treatment and so looking forward to feeling well. Fortunately, I had been guided by a sweet friend to view my treatments as a full time job. So I was very eager to get started. It helped to have the chart that was supplied taped to the back of the cabinet door where I kept my supplements. I did wonderfully on the treatment and after two months I noticed a huge difference. It was like a cloud was lifted off of me.

Describe your overall health picture today.  What improvements have you experienced? 

My health picture today is wonderful! I feel like I was given a new start in life! I was treated for spirochetes bacteria and when I was cleared from that, I was treated for thyroid stress. I was able to be taken off thyroid medication after being on it for the last five years. It has now been four years that my thyroid has been fully functioning. 

After being treated at Longevity I feel like a new person. I remember taking our first family camping trip after my health was restored. I was sitting by the river and looking at the green trees. It was like I was seeing them for the first time. I could see them so clearly with my eyes and see the beauty in my spirit. I was able to enjoy the beauty that God created! It brought tears to my eyes and I was so grateful to have been given such a gift. 

I also marvelled in every experience with my children, because even though I had been a mother for ten years, I was experiencing life with them fully with a clear mind for the first time! I had been lifted out of the fog I had lived under for 12 years. A year later I was blessed with the news that I was going to have a baby.

I already had two precious children, but I always wanted a third. I knew I didn’t have the strength to take care of another little one, but after being treated at Longevity my energy returned and before I knew it, little James came to join our family. As a 40-year-old mother, I was very anxious, but the staff at Longevity supported me with advice and supplements through my C-Section and cared for me and the baby after he arrived. 

How wonderful it’s been to have a healthy baby! My first two were riddled with sickness, but because James has been treated at Longevity since birth, all sickness has been over in the blink of an eye! He is healthy and strong. What a difference it has made in our lives. My other two children were treated at Longevity at the same time I was. Their health also turned around completely. Today they are strong and healthy. It is such a blessing to be free from the roller coaster of constant antibiotics.

What is your overall impression of Longevity Health Center, the practitioners and staff?  

It is hard for me to put into words how grateful I am to everyone at Longevity. I know that every day is a gift from God. I am so thankful that he led me to Longevity through the testimony of a dear friend. I have seen God’s healing touch in so many of my friends and family members that have been treated at Longevity. Watching people go from desperation to hope and health has been awesome to witness. 

Jesus truly is the great physician. He alone is our hope and strength, and he provides a way out of the worst health issues. I am so grateful to Dr. Anderson for following the will of God in his life. He is truly using his gifts to glorify God and bless others. Thank you so much.