Testimonial By Bonnie S.

Our family met Dr. Seneca Anderson for the first time on July 20, 2015. In the year leading up to that first appointment at Longevity Health Center, my teenage son had steadily changed from being an outgoing, fun loving and intelligent kid, who was active in student government and three sports, to a depressed, irritable, rage-filled, hostile, anxiety-ridden boy. He was exhibiting constant tics, rituals and obsessive-compulsive tendencies. He struggled to stay awake in class, but couldn’t sleep at night. He went from making mostly A’s to failing most of his classes. He dropped out of many of his activities and opted to stay at home much of the time.

In our quest to figure out what was wrong with our son, we took him for MRIs, meetings with psychiatrists and therapists and multiple visits with an immunologist located hours from our home for bloodwork. We even took him to the local children’s hospital, where we signed a form to have him taken against our will. We went through what felt like literal HELL.

And then we heard about our naturopath Dr. Anderson from a close family friend who had experienced an amazing health transformation. Our family had never had any experience with homeopathy before, so this was definitely outside our comfort zone. But we were not getting answers anywhere else and we were desperate to find healing for our son. 

On the very first visit, Dr. Anderson was able to use his bioenergetic testing to find several toxins affecting my son’s health and behavior. He tested positive for Spirochetes Bacteria, Borrelia Burgdorferi and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, as well as other viruses and toxins. His organs were working too hard, and he tested positive for autoimmune. We started to understand why his immune system was shutting down.  

Dr. Anderson was so assuring and walked us through the health journey our son was going to be on over the next six months as his body detoxified and healed. We decided to go “all in” with Dr. Anderson’s recommendations, and threw away the antibiotics he had been taking. We followed the protocol to a T, even though it wasn’t easy! As Dr. Anderson predicted, my son’s condition got worse before it got better, and there were many ups and downs during the treatment. But we stuck it out, and boy are we glad we did! My son was able to detoxify all the major toxins affecting his system in the first five months! We have continued to keep him on his supplements as he rebuilds his immune system and bone density. He is taking good care of himself and getting stronger and healthier every day!

Today we have our boy back! He’s heading into his junior year of high school with a 3.9 GPA, and he’ll be a starter on the varsity basketball team. He also leads a 6th grade boys small group at our church. He is back to his hilarious and fun-loving self and is an incredible big brother to his two siblings. His anxiety has almost completely gone away and he is feeling stronger, happier and healthier. We are so thankful and give God all the glory! I am sharing our story to let everyone know that healing is possible. Do not give up the fight to find healing for your child!

We love the staff of Longevity! I cannot count how many times I called the office (sometimes in tears) with questions and concerns, and the staff members calmed me down and encouraged me to stay the course and assured me that healing would come. I can’t thank Rosie, Nicole, Lis, Alice, Melina and Kay enough! We actually feel like they are family and I can say honestly that I love them! I feel that depth of emotion toward them because they teamed up to bring healing to our son who was declining so rapidly that we thought we were going to lose him.

And Dr. Anderson…What can I say about the man who God used to heal our son? He is a godly, calm, humble, brilliant man. He prayed over my boy multiple times and we feel like he and all the staff are our extended family! I really feel like he cares about the well-being of my son and wants to do what he can to help him continue to heal and get stronger. 

I would recommend Longevity to anyone…and I do!! I recommend them at least 1-2 times a week! And every time I have watched someone else choose to go to Longevity to receive healing it feels like it redeems just a little bit more of the hell we went through. As strange as it sounds, I feel like God allowed my son to go through this so that so many other people could receive healing! I would never want to go through this journey again, but I would not change this journey that God has taken us on. He had a purpose in all of it and is bringing good to many people!

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At Longevity Health Center, our mission is to love God and serve people by pursuing healing and encouraging wellness, both for ourselves and for our patients.  That’s why stories like this from our long-time regular patient Lisa M. make us so happy!  Lisa is experiencing incredible improvements in her quality of life by utilizing a combination of the many of the services that we have to offer.  Read her story below! 

Longevity Health Center has been a blessing to me as I battle with Chronic Lyme Disease and have a history of Lymphoma and Leukemia.  The entire staff is so genuinely caring and sensitive.

One particular therapy that has been a game changer in my health battle against Lyme Disease is the HOCATT.  The staff is so supportive and helpful, continually monitoring and ensuring my comfort during the treatment.  The HOCATT practitioner offers innovative ideas and customizes the treatment to my needs, and she is extremely attentive and helpful during the treatment. The first few sessions were challenging, as the detox was difficult.  However I was committed to the series of 10 prepaid treatments (the best money I ever spent!) and the Longevity team was very reassuring and encouraging.

I am so grateful I persevered and continued on as I began to see drastic benefits.  Most noticeable are my increased energy levels. I can now hike both days every weekend! My immune system has improved so I don’t have frequent infections and viruses. My body doesn’t ache or feel like I have flu-like symptoms. I am told by others that my skin color has changed from a dull gray to a healthy rosy pink.  I am happy to see the increased benefits as I have now completed my 25th session.  I plan to continue until energetic testing by Alice shows no trace of spirochetes (Lyme bacteria).  Then I plan to continue a maintenance schedule, as I feel the treatments are extremely beneficial.

I have discovered that the HOCATT treatment in conjunction with supportive Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and Acupuncture is advantageous and amplifies the benefits.  Follow-up with acupuncture the following day by Andrea or Alice (both women are so knowledgeable and proficient in acupuncture.), has been extremely effective in facilitating the detoxification process.  Also, I periodically precede the HOCATT treatment with Lymphatic Drainage Therapy since my lymph system has a tendency to get congested.  I schedule with either Nancy or Andrea as my schedule permits as they are all incredibly accommodating and supportive.

A special shout-out to sweet and lovely Ashley who works with me to schedule my complicated treatment appointments around my schedule! I think sometimes she is more aware of my schedule needs than I am at times. Truly I am so impressed by the level of professionalism combined with care and thoughtfulness from the entire staff at Longevity.

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Here at Longevity, we love hearing testimonials from our patients who have experienced amazing transformations with their health.  Enjoy this story from Melody Frcek, a patient who has experienced incredible improvements in her quality of life using our supporting therapies.  If you have a testimonial to share, we’d love to hear from you and use your story to encourage others! 

What were your primary health concerns before you became a patient at Longevity?  What led you to incorporate supporting therapies in your health journey?  

I had a lump in my right breast that was discovered 10 years ago during a mammogram.  When I had a needle biopsy and had it drained, it came back as non-cancerous, but I was told I needed to watch it. Over the years I had become increasingly discontent with traditional medicine and was embracing integrative healthcare. I began using thermography to monitor breast health instead of mammogram. My right breast always came back with a high score. After a few years my doctor thought I should explore another mammogram due to my constant high scores. I reluctantly did so, and the hospital where I had the mammogram was concerned with the results and had me come back for a diagnostic mammogram. The radiologist wanted to watch it and wanted another diagnostic in 6 months. I knew in my spirit that this was not for me and chose not to go back.

Instead, I continued good breast care with oils, supplements, massage and followed a good diet, but my thermographies continued to show red flags in my right breast.  The lump showed up again in a mobile ultrasound, but once again I was told just to watch it.  Last spring I went through a traumatic event, and following this my health check up did not go well. Not only did I feel terrible, but my cell vitality was very low. Shortly after this, I began having pain in my right breast and a little discharge. I knew at that point that I was ready to completely embrace the holistic lifestyle and decided to go to my sister’s doctor, Dr. Seneca Anderson.

I choose to go through Dr. Anderson’s testing before telling him my health concerns. Low and behold, his tests revealed low cell vitality and problems in my right breast! In addition to following a homeopathic detoxification and supplement protocol, Dr. Anderson recommended 8 sessions of Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy to speed up my healing process.

What were your first few sessions like? What was your initial response to the therapies?

My first few sessions were wonderful. Not only did I find a peace every time I walked in the door of Longevity, I also felt the compassion of the staff. Nancy was the staff member who gave me my treatments. She is warm and caring and her loving demeanor helped me to feel safe. The treatments were performed laying down on a heated biomat, which was absolutely wonderful. It helped me relax and even nap for part of my time there. I could feel my body and spirit responding and becoming more vibrant. The treatments are painless and actually very stimulating, much like getting a massage. I looked forward to coming each week and began to feel stronger each time.

Describe your overall health picture today. What improvements have you experienced?

After the first 4 treatments, it was time for my 2nd mobile ultrasound. Fortunately, the same technician was assigned to me. She told me while she was performing the ultrasound that the lump appeared to be dying and fizzling away and she felt good about it. The report came back as clear. Upon completion of my 8th treatment, I decided to go back to my old thermography center for a follow up. I was absolutely thrilled when the report came back perfect. The technician wrote on the report that the score was perfect for the first time ever with a smiley face and congratulated me. She told me to keep doing whatever I was doing. My next check up with Dr. Anderson also indicated that there was no more stress and stagnation in the right breast. I continue my breast oils and my massage, and I have not had any symptoms at all.  I am relieved that, for the first time in 10 years, I can move forward without fear.

What is your overall impression of Longevity Health Center, the practitioners and staff?

I love Longevity and the staff. As I mentioned, I had just experienced a traumatic event in my life and my health and emotional state were greatly affected. Each and every person I dealt with at Longevity were loving and genuinely caring. Dr. Anderson was so calming, and I was able to tell him what had happened to me. He was compassionate and always asked how I was recovering from this each time I saw him. Dr. Anderson’s wife Kay is a jewel and always worked with me to get what I needed. Nancy became somewhat of a soul sister for me, and every other person I worked with was marvelous. Without them knowing it, they were each a part of helping me rebuild my life, and I am so grateful. There is a peace in their office like I have not found anywhere else from the moment I walked in the door. I feel safe with them. I have referred several people to Longevity and will continue as a patient and friend there always. I have the utmost confidence in them. They improved my health when no one else seemed to be able to do so. Thank you Longevity!

Here at Longevity, we love hearing testimonials from our patients who have experienced amazing transformations with their health.  Enjoy this story from a patient who has seen miraculous improvements in her quality of life.  If you have a testimonial to share, we’d love to hear from you and use your story to encourage others! 

It just seems like I remember always being what could be described as “robust but fragile” all of my life. Maybe my immune system was always a bit weak, because although I could excel at sports, I would catch things easily. It was not until 1990, at age 38, when the situation took a turn for the worst, and I experienced a fever that held on for 12 days and increased as the days went by. I kept getting weaker and weaker, and finally numbness began to move up my legs starting at my feet. By evening I could no longer stand up and had to be rushed to the ER. After many tests, the doctors were still unsure of the cause, but treated the symptoms as they saw fit (with steroids). The doctor of infectious disease mentioned that he “suspected Lyme disease” but could not confirm it through the testing.(I have since learned that traditional testing is not adequate to confirm Lyme disease and that more sophisticated testing is needed.)

Two weeks later when all the dust settled, I found myself paralyzed from the chest down, with several doctors telling me I would likely never walk again. I was single, and rehab took about a year, so my new life was an incredible challenge.  In a strange way, I found all of this to be a time of spiritual awakening, as I came to trust a higher power to see me through all of this. In an unexplainable way this experience had a beauty about it that was profound.

So, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and tried my best to learn to walk again. Over several months, I was able to get around and walk, but always with a severe stiff legged limp. Over the next many many years I experienced diverse symptoms that included: joint pain (with visible joint damage) skin rashes, severe allergic reactions, sounds in my ears, itching all over, insomnia, dry uncomfortable eyes, eye lids twitching, flashing lights and floaters in one eye diagnosed as “inflammatory vitriol detachment”, memory loss, severe brain fog and dizziness, neck pain that would become unbearable and make me have to lay down, irritability, depression, foot pain that seemed to be in the bone, Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, chronic severe constipation and heart palpitations. I think my worst symptom of all was severe fatigue to the point of being unable to participate in life. The list could go on and on but I think you have the picture. The Doctors I would see did not have helpful advice.  They offered drugs to mask the symptoms, but I declined.  I then began to try eating a much healthier diet, which I feel certain may have helped to tide me over until I found the real cause of the problems. At least with good nutrition I was not exacerbating an already difficult situation.

Finally, last summer my symptoms became unbearable and I was finally fed up with suffering.  For many years I had been hearing from people about a wonderful homeopathic doctor. A veterinarian, a chiropractor, a well respected friend and an MD had all spoken of this man to me with great respect. His name they said was Seneca Anderson and he “got results”. They say when the student is ready, the teacher will come, and this was the case with Dr. Anderson.  One day I just decided that I needed to see the “gift in my challenge” in order to be healed. A week after I decided to change my attitude, I found myself talking to a stranger about Dr. Anderson and how he had helped her. That was it. I was going to see him!

Thankfully the wonderful office staff helped me get in ASAP by placing me on a waiting list. I was a bit familiar with Dr. Anderson’s testing equipment and was not too surprised when I was told I had the spirochetes bacteria.  I had read other stories of people who had been treated for the disease with standard medical protocol and were placed on antibiotics for anywhere from one to two years and then relapsed.  I just could NOT go there. I was so happy to hear that Dr. Anderson used methods that supported the body but were effective in killing the bacteria. I was also relieved to see that Dr. Anderson understood how sick I had been and had compassion for me rather than trying to convince me it was “all in my head”.

As excited as I was to have found this wonderful resource, I could not have been totally prepared for how this healing was going to try out my patience in a way like never before. I think when you are resigned to being ill you become lethargic and lose hope. But when you begin to get hope once again, it is a vulnerable feeling and you must exercise your faith like never before so you can go the distance. The healing time I was told would be six months to one year, and so we began. Dr. Anderson sent me home with first a bioenergetic balancing card to wear on my body, as well as some supportive supplements that included a special silver that could kill bacteria. I was asked to eliminate certain foods for a while and to drink plenty of pure water.

It seems that for a good while I felt more tired than before.  I was hopeful that this meant my body was using energy to heal itself with the help of the various supplements and therapies. For several months I was able to be patient as I think I had this idea that it would take “six months” for me to get better. I had sort of set a time limit like that in my mind so when six months arrived I was getting anxious. I felt a good bit better, and many of my symptoms had reduced or disappeared slowly but surely, and I could see clear changes happening. I think the scary thing for us Lyme folks is that our symptoms come and go and move around so much that when we start to get a real cure, we feel worried that it will not last, but my symptoms were now going and not coming back! Yahoo! It did take me almost eight months to clear the spirochetes from my body, and at that time I felt great improvement in my overall health. It would take a little longer to tweak some of the symptoms as I had this disease for close to thirty years, but I was ever so much better and felt like myself again!

In closing, I am ever grateful to Dr. Anderson for following his heart call to become a healer of not only bodies, but of hearts and minds, as he gives his patients much hope and support. The staff at Longevity is just a fine group of caring individuals who encourage you on your journey back to health. Healing will require you to be strong and go the distance, but you can do it, and you deserve to really fight for your life!  Just let Dr. Anderson help you and never give up.  We are all deserving of great health.

May God bless you on your journey, Susan Flahert

Here at Longevity, we love hearing testimonials from our patients who have experienced amazing transformations with their health.  Enjoy this story from a patient who has seen miraculous improvements in her quality of life.  If you have a testimonial to share, we’d love to hear from you and use your story to encourage others! 

Dear Prospective Patients,

I wanted to write about my experience with Dr. Anderson and the entire Longevity Health Center team.

When I first saw Dr. Anderson in 2004, I had been ill with Lyme Disease for three years (Diagnosed in 2001).  I had received intensive IV treatment from Lyme-literate doctors in three states.  I felt that the MD’s had saved my life, but I still had little vitality and was very sick.  I have always been open to alternative therapies, and I had used many of them.  But it took three years for me to make the leap to entrusting the core of my treatment to Dr. Anderson.

After only ten minutes of testing, Dr. Anderson told me that that I had two parasites. One of them was toxoplasmosis, which he said could be cured with an herbal remedy in one month.  I was flabbergasted.  I had been to several MD’s, including a gastroenterologist, for debilitating diarrhea over the course of a year.  I had several invasive tests, as well as tests for parasites.  The MD’s found nothing.  After taking Dr. Anderson’s herb for one month, my diarrhea was gone!  If I had any doubt that this man could help me, that doubt now disappeared.

The Lyme treatment was much tougher.  It took well over a year with Dr. Anderson for me to regain some strength and vitality.  But I got to the point where I could work part-time, which was a huge improvement.  I continued to see Dr. Anderson regularly for five years.

I had a serious relapse in March of 2015.  I had experienced significant emotional and physical challenges, including travel and caring for my 91-year-old mother living in Michigan.  When I returned to Atlanta, I was in bad shape.  I was very weak and had trouble thinking.  I had no appetite, and my digestion was terrible.  Trying to stand felt like I was hoisting an elephant.  After six weeks without improvement, I called Dr. Anderson’s office.  He was unavailable for several months, but Cristina was available in two days.  I made the appointment with her in late April.

Cristina was extremely helpful.  She found that I had six different tick-borne infections, including Borrelia, Babesia, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  She told me it would probably take six months to feel well.  I didn’t find the treatment easy, but I followed it diligently.  I took certain supplements away from food and stopped consuming almost all gluten, soy, and dairy.  When I had questions and concerns, I phoned the office.  I always got a call back promptly.  Nicole, Cristina, and Melina patiently listened to me and gave me informed, caring answers. I can’t emphasize enough how much it meant to me to know that these wonderful people were available to talk to me during this frightening time.

I did not notice any improvement for a long time.  The months passed slowly, and I had terrible depression.  When I saw Dr. Anderson in September, I still felt miserable.  He modified the treatment for my specific type of Babesia.  He found that I was not absorbing B-12 or folic acid properly, and he prescribed a cream to help with the methylation process.  He also gave me additional adrenal support.  He predicted that I would have better energy and thinking ability in about two weeks.  It actually took five weeks, but then everything suddenly got better!  At first, I had two days in a week where I could stand easily.  The next week I could stand easily for four days.  The following week I had five good days, and the next week I felt good every single day!  My energy and appetite were back, and the depression vanished.  Cristina’s prediction had been correct.  It had taken almost exactly six months for me to regain my health. 

I am absolutely elated!  It is now seven months since I returned to Longevity for treatment for Spirochetes.  I have felt well every single day for a solid month.  Although I still have some limitations from the tick bite, I now have energy and can be up and around most of the day.  I can think, carry on a conversation, shop, cook, and teach dyslexic children to read.  I really feel like I have come back from the dead. 

My mood is excellent, and I have my sense of humor back.  My 26-year-old daughter said one of the big differences she notices is that I can be silly again.  (When you are just trying to survive, there is no energy to be silly.)

There are not words to express the gratitude I feel toward Dr. Anderson and the entire team at Longevity.   This is a very knowledgeable, caring group of people who are dedicated to helping suffering people feel well again.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Sharon Moeller, Atlanta, Georgia

Here at Longevity, we love hearing testimonials from our patients who have experienced amazing transformations with their health.  Enjoy this Q&A with a long-time patient who has seen vast improvements in her quality of life.  If you have a testimonial to share, we’d love to hear from you and use your story to encourage others! 

What were your primary health concerns prior to seeing Dr. Anderson? Describe your symptoms. 

Prior to seeing Dr. Anderson, I was unable to get out of the bed on many days, my whole body ached, I had chronic sinus issues, my brain was foggy, and I simply could not fully function on a daily basis.

What were your first few visits like?  What was your initial response to the treatment?

Before coming to Longevity, I had literally tried everything I could for a year and a half and been to other holistic clinics, only to be left feeling hopeless and wondering if I would ever get my life back. My first few visits were refreshing as Dr. Anderson took time to get to the root of my symptoms, and it was confirming when other areas of concern, which I had not mentioned, showed up in the testing. At first administering the necessary remedies at home felt overwhelming, and I initially experienced some common detox symptoms of headaches and fatigue. The staff were, however, so patient and helpful in explaining my protocol and always available for answering questions. I was absolutely shocked at how much my overall health improved in only thirty days, and I was so grateful to experience moments where I felt like my old self again. Each visit was encouraging as fewer of the old issues were present, and my body attested to the progress made. Furthermore, I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis in the last few years, and several members of the Longevity team put together a comprehensive plan for my treatment focused on lessening inflammation in my body. I have seen tremendous results.

Describe your overall health picture today.  What improvements have you experienced? 

Regaining my health has required commitment, hard work, and perseverance, and it has all been worth it. I am feeling better than I ever have, and my immune system is stronger. More specifically, I am sleeping better, have more energy, no longer ache all over and hardly ever get sick. I have learned principles that will govern my health and that of our family for years to come and feel empowered with tools for preventing illness instead of simply masking the problem. I came to Longevity desperate and am grateful to God and Longevity for the state of my health today.

What is your overall impression of Longevity Health Center and Dr. Anderson and his staff?

Longevity Health Center is a place of warmth and true serenity. Its holistic approach provides me with confidence that no matter the issue, the center is equipped to treat it and to provide ongoing support. The staff are caring and accommodating, and I feel heard. I am impressed by the amount of time Dr. Anderson spends and appreciate the fact that he does not depend solely on his own wisdom but has prayed with me concerning my health. As we have welcomed our baby boy home through international adoption, Longevity has walked with us every step of the way- from travel preparation to detox support to ensuring our son receives the best care possible in his first year of life. There is no place I would trust more with our family’s health.

I am so thankful that the Lord led me to Dr. Anderson and Longevity Health Center. I truly believe they have saved my life. I had been sick for almost two years with symptoms that affected every system in my body. I had chronic stomach issues, skin conditions, severe joint and muscle pain, headaches, chronic fatigue and major fluid retention. I had been to numerous specialists and had gone through several surgical scopes, a surgical muscle biopsy, painful nerve conduction testing, multiple MRI’s, CT scans, and blood tests, all to no avail. I was getting sicker and had no answer as to why. I was on many prescription drugs and was continually offered more and more to try and control the symptoms. I had to quit my job as a Kindergarten teacher. I spent most of my days in bed, losing the life that I once knew, which was that of an active mother, teacher and avid runner. But through the grace of God, a friend suggested that I travel from Alabama to Georgia to see Dr. Anderson.

Every aspect of my experience with Dr. Anderson’s office has been wonderful. From the friendly and helpful ladies on the phone to everyone I came in contact with at the office during my visits. They worked together to help care for me. Dr. Anderson told me on the first visit that he would find the source of my problems and not just treat the symptoms. That was music to my ears!! With his testing, he found multiple issues going on in my body. I explain it to others by saying that it was a perfect storm that led to a really sick body! He made a detox plan and started me on my journey to healing with natural remedies and holistic medicines. For the first time in a long while, I had Hope. Hope that I would get well and that I could regain the life I had once lived.

After only 2 weeks on the plan, I was able to get off of my reflux medication and anti-depressant. Both of which I had been on for 10 years. I was able to get off of the other prescription drugs too. By the end of the first month, which was the end of January, I was already starting to feel better and more like myself. By the end of the second month, I was able to go buy groceries for my family and do laundry and housework. I was spending less and less time in bed. At the end of the fourth month of my wellness journey, I walked a 5K with my family. It was such a victory! I had signed up for the race back in January after my initial visit, just in faith, that by the end of April, I would be able to walk the 5K. My family and I praised God that day as we walked, thanking Him that I was alive and able to walk that far without pain! My new goal is to run that same race next year!! I am continuing to heal and to detox and even though I still have days that I feel bad, I just praise God for how far I’ve come and that the good days now outweigh the bad.

Through the help of Dr. Anderson and his staff at Longevity Health Center, my life has taken a new turn. My family is now eating healthy and organic and we are taking a natural approach to healing. My daughter has also become a patient of Dr. Anderson’s. I am happy to report that after 2 years of chronic stomach issues, she is pain-free! Praise the Lord!

Here at Longevity, we love hearing testimonials from our patients who have experienced amazing transformations with their health.  Enjoy this encouraging story from a patient who has experienced a complete 180 in her health and quality of life.  If you have a testimonial to share, we’d love to hear from you and use your story to encourage others!

It has taken me some time to sit down and write this…partly because I am a procrastinator and partly because…well, there really are no words that can adequately articulate the transformation in my health, my excitement about the work Dr. Anderson is doing, and my complete and utter gratitude to Dr. Anderson, his family, and staff.  I mean seriously, how can one put in a nutshell going from a life of chronic illness and multiple mis-diagnosis to a life of abundant energy and feeling better than when I was in high school!?  I’m anxious to tell you, but I’m also telling you, it’s not gonna fit in a nutshell!

Before seeing Dr. Anderson I was on a seemingly unending cycle of doctor visits, specialist visits, antibiotics, tests, procedures, and bills and more bills.  I was exhausted, scared, and broke, and all the while getting sicker and sicker with no end in sight.  My vast array of symptoms from head to toe seemed to change by the day with no rhyme or reason. Over the years I have experienced headaches, neck pain, blurred vision, stars in vision, brain fog, EXTREME irritability, EXTREME fatigue, anxiety, weakness, chronic adenoid infection, stomach pain, recurring UTI’s, frequent urination, incomplete elimination, inability to move bowels, inappropriate lactation, joint pain, tingles down my back, numbness in my arm and legs, itchy ears, skin rashes, tinnitus, weight gain, memory loss, sensitivities of all kinds, and the list goes on and on!

Most doctors seemed to think it was all in my head, and that none of the issues were related! I had to admit, the symptoms were strange, ever changing, and seemed vastly unrelated. But how could that be? I’ve been sick on and off most of my life, but could it be that at the age of 27 my body was really just completely falling apart? Could it be that my entire body was malfunctioning and it just happened to be all at the same time? Or could it be that it’s all in my head?

The anguish, despair, and fear I felt every time I left a new doctor’s office without answers was completely desperately lonely and agonizing. No one understood how sick I really felt. I spent my life ‘faking’ it as a college student and athlete, and now I was really faking it, and it was getting harder and harder to hide. It affected every area of my life. My life had been reduced to one thing a week. I could pick one outing, one visit, or one chore, and then I was wiped out for the rest of the week. Life was hard and miserable and confusing.  I’m thankful for incredible family support and dear friends, but even they could not possibly understand how bad I felt.  I spent many many hours researching, I changed my diet(which helped a little), I took supplements(which helped a little), I took medications, I tried to tell myself it was all in my head(which did not help!)….NOTHING worked.

Growing more stressed and desperate by the day, I was ready to do ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING. I had a child to raise, and there were things I wanted to do with my life!  Though I had been sick on and off for a long time, the dramatic and acute decline seemed to be triggered by Epstein Barr virus and/or pregnancy, both of which I had around the same time.  I have sat around, acutely and chronically ill with these mystery symptoms for 6 years solid!  All of my, now 5 ½ year olds, life!  I felt like a failure of a mom. I began to question my sanity. My marriage was suffering. I was in the pit. Regardless of my religious beliefs, I felt hopeless.

I was at a crossroad. I had exhausted my resources. I live in Raleigh, NC and I have access to the “best medical care,” and I only got worse. I was treated at Duke, UNC, and other surrounding medical facilities. I spent tens of thousands of gut wrenching dollars. I had many suggestions of things to try, chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, colon therapy, more supplements, rid myself of all stress(is that really possible? I think not.), go to a different specialists, have my adenoids removed, do more outrageously expensive tests, do another colonoscopy, get on anxiety meds, etc, etc.  I felt like some of these could be good recommendations, however I struggled to believe that any of them were really going to fix the root of the problem, but what was the root of the problem? No one could tell me, and I was running out of money!

Then I heard about the Longevity Health Center.  A very sick friend of mine was going there and seeing good results.  I knew I must try. I knew I had nothing to lose.  I knew it was affordable.  I called.  Melina was so helpful and kind.  She talked with me about my symptoms, what might be helpful, and what would not be helpful for my situation.  I was lined up for a colonoscopy and surgery, and she encouraged me to wait, just till after I could get in to see Dr. Anderson.  She scheduled me and put me on the waiting list.  I’m so thankful I did get in a few weeks early!  From that point on my life changed. I had great hope.  My health changed. My marriage changed.  My family’s life changed.

Right away Dr. Anderson said, “you are very sick.”  I wanted to cry and hug his neck. He believed me!  He found a Spirochetes Bacteria, parasites, some viruses, and fungus invading my body. I had food sensitivities and my immune system was on the brink. It all made sense. It made sense why I couldn’t step in a grocery store or restaurant without getting sick two days later. It made sense why all I wanted to do was sleep. It made sense why I’d had a sore throat for 6 years! It made sense why all my body’s elimination methods were shutting down.  “Give me 6 months,” he said.  His methods are different, but at that point no amount of standard medical care had helped me. I was a ready and willing candidate for anything, even the atypical or somewhat peculiar.  I did it religiously and without fail, I followed his direction down to the last card, drop, and pill.


Dr. Anderson sent me home with a card, yes a card, to wear on my body that he made on his fascinating VEGA machine. He sent me home with silver to fight the Spirochetes bacteria and few supplements to help support my depleted adrenals, organs, and immune system.  He promised the foods I was to avoid would only be temporary. He warned me that I would feel worse for a few weeks, and I did.  Almost immediately the UTI I had been dealing with for months went away.  I got better little by little.  Braced for disappointment (a learned reaction from past medical treatments), I continued on faithfully following Dr. Anderson’s directions.

At my second appointment many of my ailments had cleared! I felt better, but not 100%. I made a few trips to Atlanta, he said I had plateaued and that this is typical, and he encouraged me to remain faithful.  He explained that they are seeing a pattern where people get worse before they get better. I was game. What did I have to lose? Weeks past, months, and I still felt better, but still not 100%.  I continued on into the 4th and 5th month…and suddenly I got worse again. OH NO! What is this? I felt nervous, but I had several more weeks till next appointment, and I remembered his warning.  I got really sick for three weeks, but I remained hopeful.  Then all of the sudden I was better. A LOT better. I had energy. My infection was gone!  My irritability fell away like a heavy cloak. My vision was better, my anxiety gone, my brain fog no more, numbness gone, and I started eliminating regularly!  I was almost afraid to admit how good I felt. At my 6 month appointment the spirochetes bacteria was clear!

My adrenals are still stressed and my liver is working hard, but I am on a better track! My body is healing; I have no infections, and I have energy!  I have energy to keep up with my son (who has also been treated by Anderson with fantastic results!), I go to the grocery store, restaurants, church, parks, museums, everywhere and I don’t get sick, and sometimes I do it all in one single day!  I have my life back!  I’ve lost weight, we eat healthier as a family, it’s has been a complete lifestyle change for us.  I’m thankful for this experience. It was a hard, miserable, and confusing 6 years, but it was used to mold me and make me who I am today. I am thankful.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Anderson and his staff. They are simply a joy to visit. They are caring and very knowledgeable.  I feel strongly that, in addition to Dr. Anderson, his staff was a huge part of my healing process. I particularly enjoyed the lymphatic treatments, and my visits with the coordinators to go over Dr. Anderson’s treatment plan.  They spent time with me, they made sure I understood and felt comfortable with the supplements and plan, they simply cared.

Words cannot express my gratitude.  I would recommend Longevity Health center to anyone and everyone.  Regardless of whether you are generally healthy or sick, Longevity health Center has resources that simply should not be missed out on.  I’m thankful for Dr. Anderson’s willingness to share his knowledge, his gifts, and his passion.  I pray for Dr. Anderson, his family, and his staff, that they would have great endurance, perseverance, and good health, so that they can continue doing what they do best, helping others and changing lives.