What to Expect With Your Initial Comprehensive Visit

Please print, complete, and bring these New Patient Profile Forms with you.

What to Expect

Thermography (AlfaSight)

This test is performed prior to seeing a practitioner. This requires specific preparation and must be done in the morning hours. The results from the test are immediate. Your practitoner will review the results during your consultation.

Bio-Terrain Urinalysis

The urine contains a wealth of bio-chemical information. All bio-chemical processes of your body leave residues that eventually find their way to the urine. Thus, the urine specimen is ideal for measuring and monitoring your metabolic health. The results are available immediately and will be reviewed during your consultation.

Consultation with Practitioner and Bio-Energetic Evaluation (VEGA/Quest/IQS)

The second part of your visit is the consultation with your naturopathic practitioner. He or she will have the results of the Thermography and Urinalysis in hand. They will review these with you at this time and discuss your health concerns and answer any questions that you have. They will then perform a bio-energetic evaluation. From the results of all three evaluations, your practitioner will be able to recommend specific homeopathic, herbal and nutritional supplements for you. Learn more.

Consultation with Patient Coordinator

Finally, you will sit down with a patient coordinator who will review your program and give you written instructions.

Follow Up

A typical follow up appointment will consist of a consultation and bio-energetic evaluation. At times, the lab work (BTA) may be recommended to evaluate your progress. Childrens visits generally consist of the consultation and bio-energetic evaluation only. Lab work may be done on a individual basis. This scheduling protocol serves as a guideline. Changes can be made to accommodate our patients who travel from long distances or according to age.

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